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Pest Control Santa Monica


Ants in the HouseThe perpetually sunny skies, beautiful beaches, and nearly endless entertainment options draw visitors to Santa Monica throughout the year. While residents may take temperate climate and scenic views for granted, they regularly indulge in Santa Monica's fine dining, upscale shopping and prime people watching opportunities. The city is also a hub of culture, the arts, and science in Southern California. Popular venues include the Santa Monica Museum of Flying, the Santa Monica Museum of Art and the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium.

After spending a day of play on the pristine Pacific coastline at Santa Monica Pier, residents return for evening festivities to airy beach bungalows or light-filled Mid-century modern homes that are tucked away in the nearby mountains. What is one of the fastest ways to spoil soirées that start in kitchens and spill out onto illuminated patios? If you guessed pests such as ants and rodents, you would be right.

Ant Control in Santa Monica

Ants are common pests in Southern California, but much like most Santa Monica residents, they are family-friendly and social creatures. They live in large colonies, and they take care of their babies and each other by foraging for food and water. The main characters in ant colonies are queens, drones, soldiers and worker ants. There is usually one queen per nest, and she mates with male drones. The queen’s sole responsibility is reproduction, and only she can perform the function. She can remain active for several years. Both the queen and the drones have wings.

Although there are many different species of ants, Carpenter ants cause the most anxiety to Santa Monica residents. Besides the annoyance of seeing them carrying crumbs across your hardwood floors, Carpenter ants can cause serious damage to wood surfaces. They excavate moistened wood to create spaces for their nests. Carpenter ants are usually very dark colored, larger than the average ant and look like termites. These ants are very hard to control, and many people find that spraying pesticides directly on them and on the surfaces where they travel does no good. To eliminate these industrious pests, you have to destroy the nest. At Plateau Antbusters, we have the knowledge and experience to do this safely, effectively and at reasonable costs to you.

Rodent Control in Santa Monica

You know that it is time to put away the hors d’oeuvres when one of your guests spots a party-crashing rodent such as a rat or mouse scamper about. Rodents are associated with filth, which is why it is so embarrassing for them to show up at your home or business. Besides the damage that they can do to your social life, rats and mice carry harmful diseases such as Murine Typhus, salmonella, and Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome.

Besides presenting a considerable health risk, rodents can cause a lot of property damage. Rodents include squirrels and chipmunks as well as rats and mice. They all gnaw on objects to keep their teeth from overgrowing. Rodents are known to chew through electrical wiring in homes as well as cars that are garaged near nests. This presents a fire hazard and costly electrical repairs to property owners.

Plateau Antbusters has many years of experience evaluating home and business sites to determine the causes of rodent invasions. We help you to eliminate rodent nesting areas and block the rodents’ access to your home. For all of your pest control needs, give us a call for a free quote on service.