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San Diego Pest Control Services

Ants-in-the-HouseEven the most well-kept homes and businesses in San Diego, California, may be subject to invasion by nuisance insects, rodents and wildlife. The area's excellent climate is inviting to a variety of unpleasant creatures that includes ants, cockroaches, rats, pocket gophers, spiders, skunks, raccoons, opossums, earwigs, crickets and silverfish.

Many of these pests have the ability to cause costly damage to your home or business, inflict painful bites or stings, cause serious allergic reactions and asthma attacks and spread disease that is capable of causing serious health problems. No family wants to put their children in harm's way and a business with a pest-control problem may see their customers leaving quickly. Fortunately, Ant Busters is prepared to deal with any of these San Diego pest-control issues, and here are a few tips dealing with the creatures that we are called upon to eliminate on a regular basis.

San Diego Ant Control

California is home to some 270 different species of ants, and Argentine ants account for the biggest pest-control problem in the area. They look like most other ants with the queens and some males sporting wings, but the huge number of ants that make up their colonies separate them from other types of ants.

It is not uncommon for an Argentine ant colony to be so large that it hosts some 1 million ants with several egg-bearing queens, and the problem doesn't stop there. Unlike other ants, the Argentine ant cooperates fully with the formation of other Argentine ant colonies in their vicinity. This means that you could easily find dozens of these ant colonies housing many millions of ants right under your house.

To make matters worse, this species of ant is very good about avoiding the normal poisons and pesticides that are used to eradicate other ants. At Ant Busters, we utilize methods that successfully target each colony that is located on your property.

San Diego Roach Eradication

Both American and German roaches have been known to infest homes in the area. The American roach is the largest of the two, is reddish-brown in color and the females can produce up to 800 young each year. The smaller German roach is light brown or tan in color with black stripes, and this roach can cause big problems with one female and her offspring capable of producing 30,000 young in a single year. With these types of numbers, your home can become completely overrun before you know what is happening.

Roaches can be a significant health risk. They carry a nasty variety of both bacterial and viral agents that they can deposit everywhere that they walk, and this may mean they are contaminating your cookware, counter-tops, clothing and even your toothbrushes. We utilize effective products that get the roaches out in a safe and lasting manner.

San Diego Wildlife Removal

Though you may live in the city, that doesn't stop wildlife such as skunks, raccoons and opossums from finding their way into your home as a method of seeking shelter and finding a ready source of food. These animals often make their nests in attics, and this can leave you with damaged construction and chewed up wiring. And because the threat of rabies is very real in these animals, it is never safe for them to take up residence inside of your home. We specialize in wildlife removal and will have them gone right away.

If you are concerned about these or any other pest-control issues, call Ant Busters at 760-452-8367 for a free quote. We will send a trained technician out as quickly as possible to perform an inspection and get your problem taken care of.