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Pest Control Riverside 

Ants in the HouseThe sun just seems to shine brighter here in Riverside where our state's original naval orange tree still proudly grows at the corner of Arlington and Magnolia. It's easy to appreciate our beautiful, natural setting when you hike the preserve at Box Springs or bike through Sycamore Canyon, but this same wonderful ecosystem also supports southern California's most pervasive pests.

Common Pests in Riverside

Our region's insects and rodents enjoy the natural habitat of mountains and foothills that surround the city, and they thrive in our semi-arid climate. If a hot summer day puts you in the mood for cooling off at Narrows Park, imagine how attractive the Santa Anna River is to our local wildlife population. Bugs breed year-round, and wild animals don't hibernate because our balmy Mediterranean winters keep them comfortable. Pests in Riverside make the most of our environment, and they've adapted to urban living in all 28 of our city's neighborhoods. Here at Plateau, we help home and business owners solve ant, rodent, and wildlife problems every day.

Ant Control in Riverside

With more than 80 square miles of territory to inhabit, it's no wonder ants make themselves at home here in Riverside. Over 200 species thrive in southern California, but Argentine and carpenter ants pose the biggest problems in our area. Argentine ants are also called fire ants because of their aggressive behavior and nasty sting. Carpenter ants earn their name by excavating colonies inside wooden structures and causing expensive property damage. Our Plateau pest control services eliminate established colonies in residential and commercial settings, and our preventative strategies make sure they don't return.

Rodent Control in Riverside

The rolling hills inside our city don't offer the security and easy foraging that rodents prefer inside area homes and businesses. Mice and rats raid trash cans, gnaw infrastructure and spread disease. Norway rats are ground-level invaders, so you'll often find them in basements. Their burrowing damages foundations and slabs, and they chew on copper, lead and wood. Agile roof rats prefer the attic where they tear up insulation for nesting and foul areas with droppings. They forage the yard and often raid neighboring landscapes. We specialize in rodent control here in Riverside with proven solutions for homes, businesses and large commercial sites.

Urban Wildlife Invasions

With Los Angeles 60 miles to the west, you'd think Riverside is close enough to civilization to discourage wildlife invasions. However, our river system and parks offer easy access for foraging raccoons, skunks and opossums year-round. All three pests tear up the landscape looking for food, and raccoons damage property as they break into attics and set up dens. Skunks dig under decks and porches, opossums burrow into the yard, and all three animals spread fleas, ticks and rabies. Our highly trained teams offer proven, humane wildlife removal techniques that keep your home and business safe.

Living well in southern California doesn't have to include bugs and wildlife that want to share your space. For more than 35 years, we've provided the best residential and commercial pest control services in Riverside. When nature starts moving in on your property, call us first here at Plateau Pest Elimination.