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Pest Control Irvine

Pest Control Irvine

Irvine is a city located in Orange County California. It is known as one of the top cities for start-up businesses and has a fast-growing economy. The city is rapidly expanding and constantly improving. As a suburban city, it offers great recreational activities and amenities for individuals and families. Due to its climate, Irvine is also the home for plenty of pests of which some are likely to infest the homes and businesses of the city. It helps to know a few things about the common pests/invaders in your home or business property. That way you know what can be done to get rid of the problem. However, attempting to take action on your own can be very difficult and might even make the pest problem worse.


Pest Control Experts in Irvine

Common pests that residents or property owners deal with in Irvine are Ants, Bed Bugs, Fleas and Ticks, Silverfish, Stinging Insects, etc. As mentioned, addressing pest problems on your own can be difficult. That is why it is important to just call a reliable pest specialist to handle it for you and make sure that they will not come back. Would it not be nice to live in a home that is free of any kinds of pests.

Many Irvine residents and other property owners have trusted Plateau Antbusters to help them with their pest problems for many years. They trust us because they know that we can get the job done quickly, effectively, and efficiently. At Plateau Antbusters, our priority is your safety and of your family. We assure you that once you contact us you would not have to worry about both seasonal and year-round pests. So if you are looking for a pest control company in Irvine or in Orange County, contact Plateau Antbusters! We place a high emphasis on competitive pricing, honest work, complimentary estimates, and excellent customer service.

Plateau Antbusters, Pest Control Company You Can Trust!

We have been providing our services in Irvine and its surrounding areas for a long time. With our 35 years of operations, we were able to expand our knowledge and sharpen our skills in the pest control industry. Plateau Antbusters, a family-owned and operated business, takes pride in its technicians who are highly qualified and experienced. Our technicians specialize in landscape, agriculture, and structural pest control. Our job does not stop with just getting rid of your pest problems with the most suitable solution and giving you the peace of mind that you deserve. We make sure that we are able to educate with regards to Integrated Pest Management. We know that there might be a preference on the kind of treatment(s) that will be used. That is why we offer a wide range of pest treatments.

Residential and Commercial Pest Control in Irvine

Since our operation in 2009, we have served thousands and thousands of property owners when it comes to their pest problem(s). We have been offering both residential and commercial pest control in Irvine. We are fully committed to protecting you and your family from harmful pests.


Plateau AntBusters strives to provide nothing but superior service to our customers. We do not just take care of your pest control needs. Plateau AntBusters also educate you on Integrated Pest Management. We would be more than happy to answer any queries you might have. CONTACT US and find out how we can solve your current pest problems or provide assistance with anything related to our specialization. Call us today at 855-475-2832 to schedule your inspection.