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Pest Control Dana Point

Dealing with a pest control problem and in need of some serious pest control? You might consider trying to take care of the problem yourself with a DIY method, but you shouldn’t feel like you have to. Plateau Antbusters will come to your home and take care of the problem for you. Any pests that you encounter in your home or business in Dana Point will be eliminated after we come and inspect it then create a solution for the problem. We proudly serve the Dana Point residents and homeowners by providing satisfactory service whenever we are hired. We’ve created a trusting relationship with the area over the years and aim to continue providing pest inspections and eliminations that our customers are pleased with. We know that your home is somewhere you go to relax and not where you should be worrying about pests. That’s why at Plateau Antbusters we take care of the pest problem before serious damages can be done to your property with an elimination option that is tailored specifically to the pest you have, your finances, and the sort of treatment you would like used in your home or business. We can handle any pest that resides in Dana Point and will evict them from your home or business so that you can once again be pest free. Let us take care of the pest control so you don’t have to!


Pest Solutions in Dana Point

Pests can be such an inconvenience because not only are they annoying and often scary to deal with, but they can also cause serious damages to your home or business. No one wants to deal with the nightmare that is a serious pest invasion. The unfortunate thing is that we often don’t know that we have a pest problem until some sort of damage makes us aware of it, but thankfully, Plateau Antbusters can help get the invasion under control before it continues to get worse. Our first priority is to locate the source of the pest invasion, the nesting area, so that we can eliminate it before the pests continue to spread and invade. We will conduct a thorough inspection in order to find that nesting area, then develop a treatment plan that is tailored to the pest and that you are comfortable with us using. We will come to an agreement regarding the products we will use during your treatment as well as the payment plan of your choosing - we won’t use any harsh chemicals or lock you into a contract you wish to avoid with our services. Our goal is to continue to provide the residents and business owners of Dana Point with the best pest control in Southern California.

At Plateau Antbusters, we have been servicing Southern California for well over 10 years. We are a family owned and operated business with technicians that are highly trained and experienced in landscape, agricultural, and structural pest control. Excellence and integrity are the backbone of our company and we exude them when sharing information with our customers. You only get honest work, unmatched customer service, and affordable rates from the team at Plateau Antbusters. All of our technicians are well versed in Integrated Pest Management, which explains to customers the work that we are doing and how we maintain quality pest control. Every technician is also experienced in conducting the various treatment options we have, which we tailor to fit the individual situation and home or business. You are given full control of the treatment plan you wish for us to use because we know that products used to eliminate pests can raise some concerns. We offer an array of organic, botanical, and even chemical-free treatments that you can choose from so that you are most comfortable. We want to ensure that every person who walks through your home or business is safe when we are finished with our job. You also have full control of choosing the payment method that is best for you. Our prices are affordable and we do not lock you into any sort of contract so you can decide whether you’d like to enroll in a payment plan or use our pay as you go method. We want to ensure that finances aren’t something that prevents you from getting the pest control you need.

Best Pest Experts in Dana Point

Dana Point, another beautiful city in Orange County, is considered to be the “most romantic spot in California”. A city that is worth staying in. While the residents and business owners love the Dana Point area, so do the pests that also reside there. Plateau Antbusters will make sure to eliminate any of the pests that make their way into your properties.

Ant Control in Dana Point

Ants will enter the home in search of shelter from certain weather or to find new sources of food or water. Infections are most common in the summer months because they are in search of water sources. After finding the water they need, the ants will spread out in search of food for the colony. Throwing away excess food, taking out the trash more often, and reducing unnecessary moisture can help with reducing ant populations. Ants are our specialty so call us and we’ll make sure that they are no longer a problem in your home or business.

Spider Control in Dana Point

Most spider infestations start outside then make their way into the home. Spiders will come inside to eat and escape inclement weather. It is not uncommon to find spiders indoors right after rain fall or during a cold or hot spell. Once inside, they will do everything in their power to stay out of sight during the day making them difficult to control. Closing doors and windows, keeping clutter scarce to eliminate nesting sites, and eliminating their food source of other insects helps keep spiders out, but that doesn't do the trick, call Plateau Antbusters and we will do it for you.

Dana Point Pest Control

Use Plateau Antbusters when you need us! Most customers hire us to eliminate their current pest problem and then call us back each year to prevent the problem from occurring the following year. We make sure that the interior of your home will remain pest free for at least six months after our service, or we will return at no charge to eliminate the problem. We provide free estimates and offer affordable rates for all our services. If you are interested, leave us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible to help with your pest problem. For more information, check out our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Yelp accounts. You can also call us at (855) 475-2832.