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Pest Control Orange County

Ants-in-the-HousePeople love Orange County because of its perfect climate during all four seasons. Unfortunately, the region is also perfect for all other animals, including dangerous bugs and destructive wildlife. Plateau AntBusters has the best reputation around for keeping critters under control. We offer preventative measures to keep wildlife at bay before they become a problem in your home, and we provide permanent solutions to pest infestations.

Ant Control in Orange County

Ants are admirable for their strength and endurance, but they are also the number one reason people call pest control services. Ants are insects with narrow torsos and six legs. They usually wander inside through cracks around doors or windows, but they can also maneuver through rotting wood to gain entry to your home. The tiny insects are scavengers who eat pretty much anything humans like including meats, cheeses, fruits, vegetables and even cooking grease, so keeping a clean kitchen is essential to keeping your home ant free. If ants have already invaded, the only surefire option is to call a professional exterminator. Different ant species present different threats and require different elimination methods. For instance, carpenter ants gnaw away at your home's interior and can cause costly infrastructure damage, and fire ants build large dirt mounds in your yard and pose a health hazard in the form of their venomous jaws, which some people can have severe allergic reactions to if bitten. Plateau AntBusters can identify which species you're dealing with and select the correct treatment to eliminate them for good.

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are attracted to places that are dark, damp and warm, so the interiors of older houses present perfect nesting conditions for these bulky, black bugs. Thexe insects can carry bacteria and viruses that can get left behind on food and utensils, which will make unsuspecting humans sicks. Their feces can also contaminate food in addition to staining floors. Some species of cockroaches eat paper materials and can ravage a bookshelf or filing cabinet. Some people are even allergic to cockroaches, and the bugs have been known to trigger serve reactions in asthma patients. Trying to fight your cockroach problem with over-the-counter chemicals can make the situation worse, so call a professional to keep cockroaches out.

Wildlife Removal Services

In addition to extermination services, Plateau AntBusters specializes in removing larger wildlife such as raccoons and opossums that may try to take up dwelling in your home. These animals usually come seeking refuge from predators and a place to raise their young. If not addressed right away, you could have a whole litter of critters chewing away at your home's insulation and wiring. Such pests can also carry rabies, which causes the animal to become overaggressive and can be transmitted to humans through biting. Chemicals and animal traps from the hardware store are ineffective and potentially dangerous to household pets. Call wildlife experts at Plateau AntBusters right away if you hear the patter of little feet in your attic. We also offer preventative inspections to keep animals out of homes before they can cause trouble.

Plateau AntBusters is the premier pest control company servicing Orange County. We offer guarantees on our treatments and make sure we get things right the first time. You'll save money, stress and your health by calling Plateau AntBusters for your pest control needs.