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Occasional Invaders

Occasional Invaders

CricketAnts aren't the only pests with which Southern California homeowners must contend. We regularly deal with "occasional invaders" that can cause serious damage and unwanted headaches when they find their way into local homes. While silverfish, crickets, and earwigs don't pose a constant threat, they can cause long-term problems for local homeowners who don't move quickly to address the problem.

There are nearly 1,000 individual species of cricket, but only a few show up in Southern California residences. Field crickets, ground crickets, and aptly named house crickets are especially common in the region. In our experience, these critters enter homes through small screen door holes, poorly fitted windows, or foundation cracks. While crickets rarely reproduce inside local homes, they're inclined to gorge themselves on fibrous or starchy material. Unfortunately, this often includes silk, fur, wool, and linen clothing. Bedding may be vulnerable as well.

Silverfish are even more ravenous. These wriggly, wingless bugs have sleek, tapered bodies and long, sensitive antennae. At less than one inch in length, they're much shorter than crickets and lack the distinctive vocal abilities of their larger brethren. Thanks to their small size and low-key behavior, we've seen homeowners put up with silverfish-related damage for years without even realizing it. These bugs love book bindings, wallpaper glue, starchy foods, natural-fiber clothing, and even printed photographs, so be sure to check these items for damage on a regular basis.

Earwigs are omnivorous insects that love dark, moist crevices and generally observe a nocturnal feeding schedule. Unfortunately, this makes them tough to spot. For many of our clients, telltale signs of earwig infestations include chewed-up houseplants, wooden moldings, and wallpaper. We've also found mature earwigs and earwig eggs in bedroom closets and corners.

These "occasional invaders" are anything but welcome guests. If you're sick of dealing with crickets, silverfish or earwigs in your home, give Plateau a call at 760-452-8367 or fill out the online contact form.