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Pest Control Escondido

Escondido Pest Control

Escondido is a typical inland temperature, which means it is hotter in summer and colder in winter compared to San Diego’s average temperature. Did you know that the greater the change in weather, the higher the probability that pests will be found in your home? When the weather gets colder, the pest moves to a warmer place like your home and when the weather gets warmer, they're more active, lays more eggs and breeds faster. Therefore, living in Escondido that has a temperature difference than average, means you should be more careful about pests. If you are experiencing pest problems, what are the ways to prevent such problems?

Don’t Leave Leftovers

Ants love leftovers!. If there are leftovers on the floor or sink of your house, ants will eat this. Be careful not to spill any food and wipe it off right away. In additional, use a ziplock bags to store the food. This way you can prevent any type of leaking problems as well.

Block the Holes

Pests come in through the holes or any openings in your walls. Block all holes to prevent them from invading. When it is warm during spring or summer, people tend to keep things open like doors, windows, and etc., Keep in mind that such cases allows pests to enter your home.

Put the Trash Outside

Pests find food in piles of trash. Therefore, keep a tight lid on your trash bins and put it outside immediately. It is essential not to feed the pests. Please do note that this is just one way of preventing the occurrence of pest problems. Pests have their corresponding treatments depending on their type. Therefore, it is more efficient to leave it to an expert rather than trying to solve it yourself. Plateau Antbusters are your best choice of ant specialists in Southern California, including Escondido. We provide green & eco-friendly services to commercial and residential customers. If you have questions about pests, call 855-475-2832.