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What about other pests?

Although we are southern California’s ant specialists, Antbusters is staffed with the most highly qualified, experienced professionals in the pest control industry. We specialize in ant elimination but are experienced and equipped to handle all of your pest needs. Quality services available from Antbusters include: Ant Elimination, Crawling insect elimination, rodent elimination, flea elimination, flying insect programs, bird management, bee swarm removal, wasp elimination, bed bug elimination, squirrel and gopher control, termite control and wildlife trapping and removal.

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Why Choose Antbusters?

Antbusters was founded by two award winning, Fortune 500 executives with 35 years of experience in the pest control industry. They built their careers on developing and managing pest control programs for many of the world’s largest hotel, casino, theme park, food processing, restaurant and health care companies.

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